Hugo Erbe's New Biodynamic Preparations

Hugo Erbe's New Biodynamic Preparations

Erbe, Finsterlin, Hagemann, von Siemens, Carline (trans), Atkinson

ISBN 0-9517890-2-3

100 pages

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I first heard of Hugo Erbe when I was looking for cereal varieties that fit the requirements of the Harmonious Wheatsmith. In 'Hugo Erbe's New Bio-dynamic Preparations' one of Erbe's grains is described.

'Later I saw the new strain of Dinkel as a field crop - an astonishing sight for any farmer. The grain stood higher than a man and had up to 20 stalks from one root. The ears were around 30 centimetres long and there were between 80 and 120 grains on each ear. The yield was considerably more than one thousand-fold. Reliable witnesses testify to the excellence of the bread made from this grain; one had every reason to believe that testimony.'

It made a great impression on me - imagine singing to the plants and making them transform themselves. With the ideas of Steiner on sound ether ringing unclearly in one ear and Schauberger's tone singing farmer in the other I was fascinated.

Also, as I grew more interested in Bio-dynamics I was also heartened to hear of attempts to move things on. One of the drawbacks to having such a huge and enigmatic impulse at the start of a discipline - I refer to Steiner and his work - is that the discipline doesn't seem to develop in new ways. So to find the work of one who did carry the baton was a inspiring permission.

But it's a slightly disquieting book for me to publish. First I wonder if this is to start an avalanche of preparations like there are a thousand flower essences following in the wake of Dr Bach. Then how does one find ones way through the din?

Secondly I really don't know what I think about the elemental beings. I am so drenched in Walt Disney's fairies and gnomes that I struggle to listen seriously to anyone who talks about them in ernest. So I wondered hard before going ahead. In the end I decided that 'by their fruits shall ye know them' and if Erbe dealt with beings to get his results perhaps that is what has to be done.

The same attitude informed the slight editing I did. At first the book felt like a collection of introductions with commentaries on the introductions. I thought 'let's just get to the meat and cut the rest out'. But I decided to leave it all in because there must be some people who find their point of access through a section which is presently inaccessible to me. And for good measure I added another section or two for the English language edition. Finally I arranged all the information directly about the preparations into one section for ease of reference. The rest is as the original German.

I would like to express my gratitude to Paul Carline once again. The translation is good. People in a position to know keep telling me so.

Once the cost of producing this book is covered any surplus will go to a fund for developing the work with preparations. If anyone would like to suggest a way to do this I am very happy to put it to the small group of people who have carried this work.


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I have put some photos together of the spreading of the 'harmonising preparation in 2003.'